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ANU Asian Studies Virtual LibraryThe Australian National University (ANU)'s Asian Studies Virtual Library.
A voluminous resource on Asia. You could get lost in all this information!
International Institute for Asian StudiesThe IIAS is based in Leiden and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
It includes a mirror of ANU's Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (see previous link).
Far East Economic ReviewThe Far East Economic Review (FEER) is a reliable journal of current events in Asia. The magazine leans towards business news, however foreign affairs are covered.
Despite the name, FEER does include quality coverage as far west as Afghanistan and Central Asia (Ahmed Rashid is a regular contributor); in fact, the quality of the Central Asian coverage convinced PWHCE to subscribe.
Radio Free Asia (USA)Radio Free Asia publishes news stories in most Asian languages. Click on the tabs along the top of the page to select the desired language.
Asia Source"A Resource of the Asia Society", Asia Source contains articles, interviews and other resources relating to Asia, and in particular provides diverse asian perspectives on many world events.
Asian ExpressProduced by The Kazakhstan Herald, Asian Express publishes news from around Asia.
Central Asia and the Caucasus
EurasiaNetEurasiaNet is a great news source for the Caucasus, Central Asia, and other areas as far afield as Mongolia.
Including articles by such important journalists as Ahmed Rashid, this webpage is highly professional and informative.
The Jamestown FoundationThis Washington Foundation's webpage incorporates Russia/Eurasia Review, Chechnya Weekly and China Brief, along with a Terrorism Project and many other related departments.
Central Asia
Times of Central AsiaA news source based in Kyrgystan, this site also produces The Afghan Times.
Unfortunately, most full articles can only be viewed by paying subscribers.
Afghan DailyA news page 'powered by'
Maintains a steady newsfeed from numerous media outlets.
Afghan News NetworkAfghan News Network.
Afghanistans.comAn independent site run by an emigre from Afghanistan. Begins with a news digest, continues with a great deal of information on the country (currency converters, maps, weather and so on).
AfghanNews.NetAfghan News Net is another news site dedicated to Afghanistan.
Afghan Mujahideen PublicationsFormerly a mujahideen website, Payam-e-Mujahid has reinvented itself as Afghan Mujahideen Publications, publishing Radio Voice of Mujahid and Payam-e-Mujahid, a weekly online and print publication.
Note: links are in the left hand column.
Mostly Dari and Pashtun. Some English.
BBC Afghan Who's WhoA Who's Who of Afghan powerbrokers, presented by the BBC.
Note: This page was produced around the time of the war in Afghanistan. Some details may be somewhat out-of-date due to the rapid pace of change in Afghanistan.
Biography of HM Zahir ShahThe Observer published this biography of His Majesty Zaher Shah, the heir to the throne of Afghanistan on the 23rd September 2001. Author: Tim Judah.
Loya JirgaThe Loya Jirga (Grand Council) is the traditional Afghan assembly of tribal representatives.
It sports a very useful links page, but unfortunately has been offline recently.
Hizb-e WahdatWebsite of the Hizb-e-Wahdat Islami Afghanistan organisation, a Hazara (Shi'ite Afghan tribe) faction which has existed in Afghanistan for many years, functioning as part of the Northern Alliance after the fall of the Soviets and the rise of the Taliban. A quite informative website.
Hazara.netAnother highly informative site on the Hazara minority in Afghanistan. This provides a great deal of information which should interest anyone reading about Afghanistan or the Taliban.
Afghanistan Liberation OrganisationAfghanistan Liberation Organisation (Maoist-Stalinist, Marxist-Leninist Party which apparently opposes both Parcham and Khalq.)
Website is based in Russia.
So where do regional marxist groups get their funding now that Russia is no longer marxist? Probably still Russia, but you never can tell.
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.They're Revolutionary, they're women, they're Afghans and they have formed an association.
RAWA is PWHCE's favourite revolutionary women's organisation.
Women's Alliance for Peace in Afghanistan.Of particular interest is the Resource page.
Institute for Afghan Studies (IAS)The Institute for Afghan Studies is a not for profit organisation of "informed, educated and professional Afghans around the globe".
In their own words:
"The mission of the Institute is to be a center for research and a credible source of information about Afghanistan."
". . . our goal [ . . . ] is to foster a better understanding of Afghan affairs through scholarly research and studies".
Lemar-AftaabA regularly issued online magazine with articles in the following categories: Travelogues, History, Music, Essays, Fiction & Poetry and Visual Arts. Back issues are also available on the site.
Afghanistan-America FoundationNot for profit Afghan-American Association.
Afghan NetworkDiverts to an amateur geocities site; a homepage with some basic information about Afghanistan.
Ar-NamysHomepage of Kirgyz opposition party Ar-Namys, led by Felix Kulov.
Includes statements, interviews and policies. For example, see Kulov's interview on the issue of the War in Iraq.
The Almaty HeraldA newspaper from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
gazeta.kzThis Kazakh news site has a distinct feel of the reformist movement of the late 1980s. Articles on anti-war and anti-nuclear campaigns, along with democratisation and civil society, are frequent. This is despite the fact that its parent company came into being in 2000.
Also available in Russian.
The webpage also contains the webpage of Kazakhstan Today News Agency, part of the Alma-media holding company.
The page might also be connected to
East Turkestan/Xinjiang Province
International Taklamakan Human Rights Association"Examining the Human Rights Situation in East Turkestan".
This group provides information resources on East Turkestan, whose turkic Uighur people suffer human rights abuses within the People's Republic of China, of which their homeland forms the westernmost province (Xinjiang). ITHRA supports independence from the PRC for not only Uighurs but also Mongols, Tibetans, Manchurians and Taiwanese.
East Turkistan Information CentreContains news, history, cultural information and other resources related to East Turkestan and the Uygur people.
In numerous languages, including English, Japanese, German, Arabic and local languages.
East Turkistan - Guzel Independent VoiceAn anti-communist Uighur site which vigorously attacks Chinese Communism. Some important facts about the communist tyranny are revealed on the page, however such conspiracy theories as that the Maoists treat humans poorly because they are Darwinists (which they are not) as opposed to Marxists (which they are) point to the Islamic (as opposed to national) focus of this page.
The Caucasus
Chechen Republic OnlineThe Chechen Republic Online webpage campaigns for an independent Chechnya. It provides a great deal of information on Chechen news, culture and political figures.
Mainly in English, the site also contains a forum in russian and a number of resources on the Chechen language (online translation dictionaries, phrasebooks, and so on.
Chechnya NewsProvides a large number of news stories from around the world, centred on Chechnya, and with a Chechen point of view. Consequently, stories which might not pop up elsewhere might be found on Chechnya News. (For example, Fidel Castro meeting Koizumi in an attempt to resolve the North Korea crisis).
The American Committee for Peace in ChechnyaAn American webpage advocating a political solution in Chechnya.
The page maintains links to a number of relevant news and opinion articles.
Comite Tchechenie de ParisCommittee for Chechnya, Paris. The page provides links to news articles and other information relating to Chechnya.
Mainly in French with some English.
Kavkaz Center (Chechen Mujahideen website)The Chechen Mujahideen webpage Kavkaz Center, is connected with the Islamist terrorist/guerrilla forces in Chechnya.
We previously provided a link which had been removed after the Russian embassy seige. PWHCE generally does not provide direct links to jihadi pages.
South Asia/Subcontinent
AkhbarAkhbar - A Window on South Asia.
DawnPakistan's largest circulation English language newspaper.
"The News"Pakistani News webpage, "The News International".
Published by Jang Group, the largest publishing group in Pakistan.
Jammu and Kashmir
Jama'at ud Da'awaThe Lashkar in Kashmir.
As far as I can tell, this webpage supports the Lashkar i Taiba in Kashmir (although Jama'at means party, so perhaps this is the political wing of the Lashkar (army)).
It is also mirrored as Kashmir Online.
English and other versions available.
The HinduThe online edition of Indian national newspaper, "The Hindu".
Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media ServiceThe Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service, a comprehensive resource on the life of Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi. The page is hosted by GandhiServe Foundation, and contains videos, audio, images, quotes, articles, paintings, oral history, genealogy and more. GandhiServe is recognised by UNESCO as a Culture of Peace actor.
Auf Deutsch: GandhiServe Stiftung - Mahatma Gandhi Forschungs- und Mediendienst
Southeast Asia
Asia Pacific ReportExclusive excerpts from the Asia Pacific Report, an influential publication produced by Frank Mount.
Talk: Islamic Terrorism in Southeast AsiaEdited text of Frank Mount's talk delivered to PWHCE's last dinner of 2002.
Known Terrorist Groups operating in South East AsiaThis Tripod member page has been compiled by a miniature hobbyist whose interest in miniatures overlaps with an interest in counter-terrorism.
The page is compiled from The Straits Times (Singapore), Time and Newsweek.
As a source of brief but relevant sketches of a large number of south-east asian terrorist groups, the page is a great resource.
The Bangkok PostFor news on Thailand, the region and the world.
As I type this, the page carries a story about a bomb blast in a resort which will probably not make it into the western media.
Cambodia (Kampuchea)
Dith Pran Holocaust Awareness ProjectDith Pran, the Cambodian refugee who survived the savage revolution in Cambodia, went on to write The Death and Life of Dith Pran, which was made into the movie The Killing Fields.
This webpage documents the terrible atrocities of the Khmer Rouge dictatorship, one of the worst episodes of the 20th Century.
Norodom Sihanouk, King of CambodiaThis is the personal webpage of the King of Cambodia, HM Norodom Sihanouk.
Cambodian.comA page with links to webpages of interest to Cambodians.
Pnom Penh PostCambodian newspaper the Phom Penh Post.
"Cambodia's Independent News and Views".
Radio Khmer AustraliaKhmer language radio by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).
Language: Khmer throughout.
Vientiane TimesA news publication fraught with contradictions. The page begins with the lofty banner, "The Gateway to Democracy!", wedged between pictures of Vladimir Lenin and George Washington(!).
On the right, a sidebar proclaims: "Emails from our readers. Note: We'll print name and email address along with your email contents without any exceptions. And no Lao/Hmong issues will be posted." Confusing!
Lao Embassy to the USA.
Lao Embassy in Bankok.
Embassies of the Laotian People's Democratic Republic.
These embassy websites also include links to other Lao government departments and information pages.
Talk: Perspectives on the Vietnam War and the Iraq WarThe full text of Two Sides to Every Story: Perspectives on the Vietnam War and the Iraq War, delivered by human rights activist Quynh Dao on 26th May 2004.
Obituary: Nguyen Van ThieuNguyen Van Thieu and the 11th September terrorist attacks.
Obituary by David Bennett.

The fall of South Vietnam was the inevitable consequence of America's failure to provide promised support to President Nguyen Van Thieu. Thieu died in September 2001. In this biographical tribute, David Bennett asks whether America will succumb to the "Vietnam War Syndrome", or conduct the war on terrorism successfully?
Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League.A web page for supporters of Vietnam's monarchy-in-exile. Reinstating a Vietnamese constitutional monarchy is one possible model for the reinstatement of Vietnam's traditions after the end of the communist dictatorship.
The Communist Party of Vietnam: Vietnamese EnglishThe only party allowed in the Marxist-Leninist dictatorship of Vietnam. The VNCP exercises a monopoly on politics and many other aspects of life in Vietnam.
Vietnam NewsThe official English-language news publication of Vietnam News Agency, a news outlet controlled by the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Vietnamese Embassy to the United StatesThe Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the United States is a useful source of official Vietnamese government press releases and information.
"The Wars of Vietnam 1945-1975"
Vassar College, USA
Contains an overview of the course content of this Vassar College subject, Documents relating to the wars from 1945-1975, and related links.
Indo Chine 1945-1954Web site on the French Indochina War of 1945-1954.
This site was designed by tabletop gamers, to provide background for other people intending to construct game scenarios set in the context of the Indochina War.
It is, nonetheless, a useful historical site.
Viet QuocVietNam Quoc Dan Dang, (Viet Quoc or VNQDD for short), is the Vietnamese Nationalist Party.
It continues to work for the eventual defeat of the communist dictatorship in Vietnam and the liberation of the Vietnamese society.
Its strong emphasis on young, Vietnamese emigres building strong, democratic communities is admirable.
Dansk-Vietnamsk Forening (På Danksa)
Danish-Vietnamese Association (English)
In Vietnamese
This 'charming' Danish association, in 'solidarity' with the Vietnamese communist dictatorship, is run by, a Danish Communist webpage which also supports the Cuban military junta, running tours of the decrepit dictatorship.
Useful for the links it provides, not so useful if one wants an objective or morally acceptable picture of what is happening in the countries it covers.
Vets With A MissionThe end of the Vietnam War left many veterans with a feeling of unfulfilled obligation to the vietnamese people, and an identification with Vietnam.
This webpage presents information on Vietnam, or as the site puts it, it gives them "a chance to show you the beauty and the needs of this fascinating country called Vietnam."
Vietnam War and Vietnam Veteran webpages
Letter: Why We Fought in VietnamAn unpublished letter to the editor of Melbourne daily paper The Age.
VietnampixVietnampix is a pictorial history of the Vietnam War.
The page uses the medium of the Internet well, making this a very interesting site to navigate.
Note: Some viewers may find some images disturbing."Educational, Entertainment, and Research Material Relevant to the Study of the Vietnam War" (amateur site)
Ignore any 'security alert' messages after clicking this link - they are simply banner advertisements for unnecessary software.
Vietnam Veterans Association of AustraliaThe homepage of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia.
Includes current news, press releases, and so on.
Vietnam Veterans of AmericaIncludes news, history, government information and more.
Publishes the magazine "The Veteran"
Philippines TimesThe Philippines Times - an online news source.
The Philippines Times is published in Melbourne, Australia.
Marcos Presidential CenterA very well presented webpage about former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand E Marcos.
The page contains quotes, biographical details, news articles, and history resources such as a timeline.
Try clicking on the green 'eye'.
Moro Jihad PageCurrently offline and 'under construction' (shut down?) this is a webpage of the Philippine Moro Liberation Front (for the establishment of an Islamic state in the Philippines).
Singapore (Republic of Singapore/Singapura)
The Straits TimesSingapore daily newspaper.
It was from the Straits Times webpage that I first read of the string of Abu Sayyaf bombings in the Philippines which co-incided with the Bali bombings of 12th of October 2002, several days before the Australian Press picked up the story.
Channel NewsAsiaAn online news site from Singapore.
Indonesian MinistersAsia Pacific Report provides biographies of the ministers in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's 2004-2009 Cabinet.
The Jakarta PostIndonesian daily. News constantly updated.
In English.
Embassy of Indonesia in Ottawa, CanadaThe webpage of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Ottawa, Canada is a rich resource, providing useful information on Indonesia.
For example, look at the Provinces of Indonesia information.
English, French, Bahasa Indonesia.
Other Southeast Asia (Brunei, East Timor, etc)
Sultan of BruneiThe Government of Brunei Darussalam Official Website.
East Asia
Taiwan, Republic of China
Taiwan Security ResearchA Research Organisation dedicated to the dicey field of the security of Taiwan.
People's Republic of China (Communist)
The Freedom Democracy BringsGerald Mercer writes on the hypocrisy of China PRC's official reaction to the democratic developments in Iraq.
China's Number One SubversiveChinese dissident Professor Jiao Guobiao of Beijing University has claimed that the Central Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China stifling press freedom and political reform. He also criticises the regime for failing to meet many of the basic obligations of leadership and government. By Gerald Mercer
Laogai Research FoundationThe Laogai Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to collecting information about China's vast system of forced-labour camps.
Xinhua News AgencyChina's official news agency.
Note the links to Party Congress webpages.
Also in Mandarin and Cantonese(?), Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.
South China Morning PostOfficial news in English. To read full stories on SCMP, you must enter your e-mail address and password - a reminder of the intelligence control still exercised over information in China.
China Support NetworkA lobby group founded in America after the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.
Boycott Made in China"The prevailing argument that market forces and international trade would transform China into a democracy has by now been completely discredited.
"The only remaining way for concerned people to exert some positive influence on China seems to be through the power of the individual consumer. In short, a boycott of Made in China products."

This protest campaign challenges the idea that while the Soviet regime collapsed because its bancruptcy was both moral and material, the Chinese dictatorship can be brought down by funding it, which would seem self-evidently absurd. This campaign is also connected with the free Tibet struggle.
North Korea
Korean Central News AgencyPublished, oddly enough, in Tokyo Japan, the Korean Central News Agency is the official news agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a petty Stalinist dictatorship.
Some of the sloganeering will be familiar to students of Soviet history, but the page is useful in diagnosing the intentions of the often cryptic North Korean leadership.
In English, with some stories in Spanish. A Korean version is also available.

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