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The Politics and Media Links Page began as a compilation of websites submitted to a listserv by students of the
La Trobe University subject Politics and Media. I made it into a webpage as I thought it would help me, and fellow students, look up sites of relevance to the subject. The resultant page was the kernel around which this site, Perspectives on World History and Current Events, formed.

Latest update: June 2004.

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News Media Outlets>Conventional News Media Online
ThePaperBoyHundreds of links to newspapers around the world, sorted by country, and several other parameters. Australian newspapers, for example, may be accessed here.
World Press ReviewWorld Press Review is a worldwide news digest, containing a selection of the best recent articles in news media around the world. The political slant of the relevant publication is provided for each article, and all foreign articles are translated into English.
Radio National
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC's Radio National on the web
The SBSAustralia's Special Broadcasting Service
The Age NewspaperVictorian Daily Broadsheet
The Daily TelegraphBritish newspaper The Daily Telegraph.
The TimesThe Times of London.
The IndependentBritain's 'Independent'.
The ObserverLeft-wing British newspaper associated with The Guardian
Recently showed enough integrity to publish the following special report revealing the Iraqi dead baby propaganda of the past ten years for the fakery it so obviously was, despite the fact that it seems to be mainly Guardian readers who bring it up in dinner parties or at cafes as a trump card in anti-American polemics.
Special Report: How Saddam 'staged' fake baby funerals.
News Media Outlets>Other Hard Copy Homepages
The EconomistQuality British news journal The Economist.
The Economist is not a journal about economics per se.
Rather, it is best thought of as providing world news and brief background articles sufficient to keep a professional such as an economist well informed.
While The Economist retains a touch of British wit, its liberalism can sometimes seem a bit predictable.
See our article, The Letter The Economist Wouldn't Print.
QuadrantAustralia's literary, political and cultural journal "Quadrant" finally has a webpage.
Quadrant was founded with the assistance of the CIA during the Cold War as a publication for anti-communist liberals and social democrats. Although some of the early Quadrant members eventually apologised for receiving CIA funding, Frank Knopfelmacher resigned from the board over this apology, considering the acceptance of CIA funding to be entirely legitimate. Controversies such as this plagued Quadrant for some time, and the publication under its current editor, P P McGuinness, defines itself to some extent by its disagreement with the drift to the left of the previous editor, Robert Manne.
The SpectatorThe (unofficial) magazine of Britain's Tories.
For a British magazine which is more idiosyncratic, traditional and essay-oriented, you can't go past The Spectator. As compared to The Economist, which is a series of reports by unnamed writers, The Speckie consists almost entirely of columns and guest articles.
Guardian UnlimitedOnline incarnation of British left wing news magazine The Guardian.
Mother JonesWebsite of American left wing magazine Mother Jones
New InternationalistAnother left wing magazine. Required reading for all Chomsky-Pilger fans - why expose oneself to right wing press bias when you can read a left wing alternative?
Der SpiegelGerman news magazine, literally translates as The Mirror
SternGerman magazine, literally translates as Star
News Media Outlets>Online News Media
news.com.au (NewsCorp)NewsCorp's attempt at an online media presence
Transitions OnlineTransitions Online (TOL) is a news/commentary site based in the Czech Republic
FeedOnline magazine Feed.
The Public RecordAustralian News - very exhaustive. Also contains many ABC links.
Foreign PolicyPolitical analysis/commentary
SalonOnline media outlet (high content purchaser). See the article Radio's Big Bully in particular.
NewsMaxConservative media site - Chris Ruddy
OneWorld.netA collection of international news sources
World MagazineA weekly magazine on global issues.
InsideNews content, with an emphasis on media news.
Time and Pathfindertime.com is 'Latest reporting and analysis from our online newsroom' and pathfinder.com is 'Time Warner's Internet service on the World Wide Web'. Published by Time/Warner/AOL.
The National InterestThe National Interest is a high calibre foreign affairs journal published in the USA.
The NationAmerican magazine The Nation.
News Media Outlets>Media News
NewsWatchNewsWatch: A Consumer's Guide to the News
Contains links to sites to do with media critique, major news wire services, and annotated links to more specific sites for those "digging deeper into the world of media criticism."
A member site of the BigEye Network.
Society For News DesignThe Society for News Design (formerly the Society of Newspaper Design) is an international, non-profit and professional organization with more than 2,500 members in the United States, Canada and 50 other countries.
SND has awards, special projects (such as a compilation of newspaper covers on the 11th September terrorist attacks) and other resources.
There are other SND pages (such as SND Scandinavia) which can be reached from the site.
Various languages, mostly English.
Media ChannelMedia treatment of World Political Issues - Includes links to external content
A MediaChannel highlight: Putin and Russian Media Control
The Lippmann Project on Media and Politics"The Lippmann Project was founded to explore the interface between modern media and politics. Specifically, we concentrate on the impact developing media technologies have upon this relationship." Dedicated to 1920s media critic Walter Lippmann.
Columbia Journalism ReviewAn American periodical for journalism
Centre for Media and Public AffairsNews on Politics and the Media in America
American Journalism ReviewSource for news about news media
NetslavesMonitors media and the web.
Media NewsJim Romenesko's Media News
News Media Outlets>News on Electronic Communication
WiredWired magazine aims to be at the cutting edge of trends in the technology age. Their website contains the latest news in a field more and more relevant to the media. Attention was drawn to this site by the article Separating News from Noise.
Dotcomscoop.comNews related to online companies
News Media Outlets>Other Specific Topics
Central Europe ReviewInternet journal on Central Europe
AllAfricaOnline journal on Africa - launched as an outgrowth of the non-profit African News Service
News Media Outlets>Alternative Media
DisinformationPolitical and Media Commentary by Alex Burns (contributor of many of the links on this page, as a member of the aforementioned Politics and Media subject at La Trobe University.)
The PolitburoMedia critique in 'weblog' format. In a similar style to many other media critique sites, but without the predictable left-wing angle.
Topics include Russia, Terrorism, War and Communism.
Well worth a look.
Indymedia (melbourne site)Just as the name suggests: independent media. Though it has a strong left-wing bias.
See also Independent Media Centre (IMC).
Centre for Media Alternatives QuebecYet another 'Independent Media' left website.French, English and Spanish.
The PaperWebsite of a local (Melbourne) independent newspaper
AlternetIndependent Media
Z Magazine'Alternative' left-oriented Media.
The Public iAnother self-proclaimed independent media site following American politics, particularly the effect of money on political events.
RealJournalismCritique of the "right wing news media" in America
RealJournalism/President's AssassinationPolitical Satire (fiction) of Whitewater Scandal, on RealJournalism site
World Net DailyIndependent news website: "WorldNetDaily.com is a fiercely independent news service created to capitalize on new media technology and opportunities, to reinterpret the role of the free press as a guardian of liberty, an exponent of truth and an uncompromising disseminator of news."
CounterpunchAlexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair online
News Media Outlets>Alternative Media>Renegade Journalism
Radio B92This radio station-cum-website became famous by continuing to broadcast independent news content under the Milosevic regime.
The CubaFreePress ProjectAnother page devoted to spreading news despite a repressive state - this time, Cuba.
CubanetAnd another Cuban site...Spanish, English, German and French versions.
The Cuban American National FoundationOn the same theme... (this page has news relating to Cuba)
Crikey!Australian political 'renegade journalism', Crikey was founded by an ex-staffer of Premier Jeff Kennett, and became Australia's number one source for behind-the-scenes political gossip.
The Smoking GunNews uncovered by two "Village Voice" investigative reporters from public documents.
The Drudge ReportRenegade Journalist Matt Drudge (of Monica Lewinsky fame)
Media Ethics>Media Watch
AIM.ORGAIM.org is a media watch site. It is right of centre.
Fairness and Accuracy In MediaFairness in Journalism organisation operates FAIR.ORG which is left of centre.
A left/pacifist media watch page, which sets itself the aim of "challenging racism, sexism and violence in the media through education and action."
ABC Media WatchThe homepage of Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Media Watch programme.
aus.media-watchThe Webpage of the newsgroup aus.media-watch - compiled by David Gerard (fairly well known netizen from Melbourne).
The HootWatching Media in the Subcontinent
Arab Media WatchThe page's slogan is "For Objective British Coverage of Arab News"
The page would appear to be primarily representative of left Arab views. Their take on the British media is that it is unduly influenced by US policy objectives.
IMW: Israel's Media WatchIsrael's media watch, currently situated on a geocities site, is actually a well researched, informative page containing many sometimes surprising media exposes.
Palestine Media WatchThis site represents the pro-Palestinian/Anti-Israeli side of the Palestine debate. It serves as a resource/base for activism.
Palestinian Media WatchThis site represents the pro-Israeli side of the argument.
HonestReporting.comMore media critique relating to Israel and Palestine. This page concentrates on media bias against Israel, and hosts an annual "Dishonest Reporting Award".
The Bulgarian Media Watch SocietySponsored by the EU's "Phare Democracy" Programme.English and Bulgarian
Pacific Media WatchAn independent, non-profit page monitoring media issues in the Pacific. The page also has links to a number of other media issues pages on the web.
ConWebWatchThis page sets itself the task of keeping an eye on conservative web media. Well presented for a Tripod page.
PR WatchA watchdog for the advertising industry.
Media Ethics>Censorship and Press Freedom
International Press Institutewww.freemedia.at, or the International Press Institute, is dedicated to worldwide press freedom.
It is responsible for such publications as The IPI Report - 50 Press Heroes and The IPI World Press Freedom Review 2001.
The IPI is a truly international organisation which was founded in 1950.
Project CensoredLists the top 25 censored news stories each year (2001 yearbook now available).
Australian Centre for Independent JournalismBased at the University of Technology, Sydney, the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism is also responsible for the George Munster Award for Independent Journalism, the publication Reportage and several other awards and publications.
Electronic Frontier Foundation:
Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism
Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism - "National Security" Toll on Freedom of Expression
Electronic Frontier Foundation's page on the impact of the "War on Terror" on civil liberties. It includes such things as a list of pages shut down in the name of security in connection with the War on Terror.
Given that some of the webpages on their list seem to have had strong sympathies with terrorist groups, the attempts to shut them down seems somewhat less chilling to PWHCE than actual terrorist attacks, however of course the West should avoid any course likely to destroy the very freedoms we are supposed to be protecting.
MassMICPromotes freedom of expression in music/ Anti censorship site
Free Speech Internet TVTV on internet - continuing the progressive agenda of satellite TV
Media Ethics>Plagiarism and Intellectual Property
See PWHCE article: BBC - Producing Indefensible Plagiarism?, about an instance of apparent plagiarism by BBC Defence Producer Linden Kemkaran.
Plagiarism.orgThis page helps educators to stem the rising level of plagiarism made possible by the Internet.
Cut-and-Paste PlagiarismLisa Janicke Hinchliffe's factfile on plagiarism describes the problem and ways of identifying cases of cut&paste plagiarism.
CNL Plagiarism Theme PageThe Community Learning Network's Plagiarism Theme Page. Another page for the prevention and detection of plagiarism.
This page consists mainly of links to other pages.
Copyright MythsBrad Templeton's somewhat famous page describing what copyright does - and does not - mean.
Static Sites on Specific Subjects>About Electronic Media
Does [the] Internet Create Democracy?A thesis by Alinta Thornton. The links page is extraordinary.
SpamlawsWebsite campaigning on unsolicited advertising material on the internet (spam)
Google WatchGoogle Watch is a webpage critical of the way Google runs its 'page ranking' search algorithms (which discriminate against 'unpopular' sites in a way which may stifle new, independent pages) and also of Google's policy of tracking users with cookies which persist until 2038. Google Watch provides an anonymous Google search page which dodges the cookie.
Produced by Namebase.
Static Sites on Specific Subjects>Media and Culture
Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy at Griffith UniKey Centre for Cultural and Media Policy at Griffith Uni
Pop MattersCritique/reviews of pop culture.
FeedbackA media studies webpage for students and their teachers.
MC: Media and CultureLooks at media. And culture. And the two together.
Media TheorySocial theory for fans of popular culture. Popular culture for fans of social theory.TM
Static Sites on Specific Subjects>Media and Culture>Media Sabotage and Culture Jamming
Reverse Trade MarkSabotage of corporate and political websites
AdbustersCulture Jamming/Sabotage website
Static Sites on Specific Subjects>Media Resources
RefdeskCompressed information! Their motto, The single best source for facts on the Net, sums it up. A particularly relevant page, Journalists' Tools, contains 103 links to invaluable sources. Also contains links to most media outlets (including papers, television stations, and so on.)
ARCchartStrategic analysis tool. Covers over 8000 telecommunications, IT, media and entertainment companies.
Static Sites on Specific Subjects>Websites of Politics and Media Related Authors
Douglas Rushkoff home pageAuthor of Media Virus
Mark Dery homepageMark Dery is author of Escape Velocity and The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium on US media and politics. Has also written on culture jamming.
Howard Bloom homepageAuthor of The Lucifer Key and other books related to media and politics. PR agent for major music acts.
Fred FriendlyDisconnected - Fred Friendly Media Seminars
Static Sites on Specific Subjects>Miscellaneous
Beyond Books
J Walter Thompson Company House AdsSite about J Walter Thompson and the dawn of the advertising age
NY Times ArticleA Father's Cranky Essays on Web Site Put Son in Jail in China. From the New York Times - At least one of the sites this person was arrested for in China is still online (in Chinese). Site 1 Site 2

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