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About the Asia Pacific Report

The Asia Pacific Report (APR) is an influential, regularly issued report normally available only by
subscription. Utilising the extensive knowledge and connections of figures such as former South East Asian Foreign Correspondent Frank Mount (Director of APR), the Report provides insights into Asian political developments which are simply not available from most mainstream media.

The Asia Pacific Report's list of readers reads like a Who's Who of Foreign Affairs in the Australia-Asia Pacific region, including no less than four leaders or former leaders of Australian major political parties, numerous Australian Federal MPs, influential journalists, academics, diplomats and influential publications.

The Asia Pacific Report can be contacted by e-mailing the Asia Pacific Strategy Council at

To subscribe to the Asia Pacific Report, fill in the APR subscription form available on this web page.

The Asia Pacific Report has graciously granted PWHCE permission to reprint selected articles from the report, after a reasonable embargo period. This is, at present, the only place on the Web where such extensive APR excerpts are available. Naturally, copyright remains with the Asia Pacific Report.


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