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The House of WindsorThe homepage of the Royal Family of the British Empire.
See also The Prince of Wales' webpage
Royal Insight, the official online magazine of the Royal Family.
The Royal Collection
Royal Residences - Residences of the Queen
Canadian Government Webpage recognising Queen Elizabeth II as sovereign.
Also see the Australian monarchy links towards the end of this page.
Danish Royal HouseThe Danish Royal Family, the longest-ruling house in Europe.
Also available in English
See also:
  • Website of HKH Crown Prince Fredrik (also På Dansk).
  • Crown Prince Fredrik's speech on the occasion of his marriage to HRH Mary Donaldson
  • Swedish Royal FamilyAlso available in Swedish (på Svenska).
    Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia.Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia's official website contains a wealth of information, from history (including geneology) to press releases and links (a very comprehensive list). HRH has been domiciled in Belgrade for two years now, and with plans for a new constitution, work is in progress for establishing a constitutional monarchy.
    In a recent interview with the Voice of America (Glas Amerike), HRH stated that Yugoslavia needs "stability, unity and continuity" - three values which PWHCE believes can best be brought to Serbia by means of a restoration.
    The site is in English and Serbo-Croatian (both Latin and Cyrillic).
    Royal MontenegroThe Royal House of Montenegro (Kraljevski Dvor Crna Gora) has a new trilingual website (Montenegrin Serbo-Croat in Latin script, English and French) dedicated to the Montenegrin Royal Family.
    As their publicists inform us, "The site will provide a small insight into the oldest surviving dynasty in the Balkans, currently headed by HRH Crown Prince Nicholas II Petrovic-Njegos of Montenegro."
    Although this site is still under construction, Montenegro is definitely a 'place to watch' in terms of potential restorations, so we are looking forward to seeing the completed site.
    Greek Royal Family.King Constantine of Greece.
    Greek Royalist Association of Australia 'King Constantine'A Greek Royalist webpage based in Melbourne, Australia.
    Norwegian Royal HouseAlso available in Norwegian.
    Bulgarian Royal FamilyThe Homepage of the Bulgarian Royal Family
    (H.M. King Simeon II).
    Monaco (Grimaldi)The House of Grimaldi recently celebrated its 700th anniversary.
    Persia (Iran)Reza Pehlavi. Rightful heir to the throne of Iran.
    English and Farsi.
    Jordan This is the webpage of King Abdullah, the King of Jordan. A very informative, page, it contains history, family trees (in Arabic) and more information. Both English and Arabic languages are used on the page.
    Also relevant is this tribute to King Hussein, father of modern Jordan. This visually impressive website is multilingual, including English.
    Kings Abdullah and Hussein belong to the Hashemite Dynasty, which traces its lineage to the Prophet Mohammed.
    A number of articles have been written recently about the possibility of a Hashemite Restoration in Iraq (and Saudi Arabia). Many of these can be found at our Iraq Links page - look for the monarchy logo monarchy logo
    Belgian Royal FamilyH.M. King Albert II, H.M. Queen Paola et al. - includes wedding photos for Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde.
    Also in Durch, French and German.
    Grand Duchy of LuxembourgGovernment of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Language: French.
    Princely House of LiechtensteinThe official Website of the Princely House of Liechtenstein.
    See also Liechtenstein News.
    MoroccoLate His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco.
    Some content only in French.
    NetherlandsThe Dutch Royal Family (In Dutch)
    Cambodia's KingKing Norodom Sihanouk
    SpainCasa Real - "Royal House" (in Spanish only).
    Sultan of BruneiThe Government of Brunei Darussalam Official Website.
    Unofficial Information Pages.
    Ludwig II of BavariaA website dedicated to King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Well presented and comprehensive.
    Germany - Tradition und LebenTradition und Leben (Tradition and Life), a webpage advocating constitutional, hereditary monarchy for Germany.
    Their motto is Wir setzen der Demokratie die Krone auf!; We Crown Democracy!
    The front page is German, but you can also go straight to the English version.
    Germany - MonarchiefreundeMonarchiefreunde (Friend of Monarchy).
    Principles include the restoration of the monarchy on the basis of parliamentary democracy, support for a European fatherland and opposition to the loss of German identity (gegen den Verlust der deutschen Identität)
    The page also quotes Frederick the Great, "I am the first servant of the state" to illustrate the page's principles.
    Only available in German.
    Austro-HungaryDer Eisnerne Ring - Sammelbewegung österreichischer Monarchisten.
    The Iron Ring - Collected Movement of the Austrian Monarchy.
    Only available in German.
    Central Europe
    Schwarzen-Gelben Forums Österreich (Forum of Black and Gold, Austria).
    Only available in German.
    Sacrum Imperium - MonarchieligaDas Heilige Reich (The Holy Empire).
    Contains patriotic and royalist poetry and song lyrics and short articles such as Warum Monarchie? (Why Monarcy?)
    Sacrum Imperium supports a more 'absolute' monarchy than some of the other pages linked to here.
    Only available in the German language.
    Lefve Konungen
    Lefve Konungen - Long Live the King.
    A Swedish page dedicated to monarchy and conservatism. Only in Swedish. (Bara på svenska
    Royal Russia The official webpage of the Imperial Russian Historical Society.
    Includes articles, a journal, a bookshop (Gilbert's Royal Books) , news updates and more.
    The Society also organises Imperial Russian Tours.
    Romanov GenealogyTimo Haapanen's web page on the Romanovs includes graphical family trees and a database of hundreds of members of the Romanov family, in addition to information on other royal families such as the Oldenburgs.
    RussiaThe All-Russian Monarchist Centre
    A slow-loading page written in Russian.
    Romanov coat of armsCatherine the GreatCatherine the Great - Empress of all the Russias
    A geocities site dedicated to Tsarina Catherine the Great, Russia's enlightened despot. The site includes a chronology, list of lovers (good grief!) and other details.
    For more Catherine the Great links and information, see PWHCE's Catherine the Great biography
    RomaniaA web page for the restoration of monarchy in Romania. The page has been approved by the Roumanian Royal Family.
    This webpage was down for some time, so we removed the link. However, it is now working again.
    BohemiaKORUNA ČESKÁ Monarchistické hnutí Čech, Moravy a Slezska.
    The Czech Crown - Monarchist movement of the Czechia, Moravia and Silesia.
    (In Czech) Thanks to Marcel Koutník for the help with this translation.
    Serbia/ SrpskaSrpska Svetosavska Stranka
    Polish Monarchist LeaguePolska Liga Monarchistyczna - The Polish Monarchist League.
    Mirror site.
    (In English)
    PolandKlub Zachowawczo-Monarchistyczny (Polish only - Po Polska)
    House of Savoy (Italy)Basic biographical information on the House of Savoy.
    PortugalJuventude Lusitana, Portugal.
    A lot of material - worth a look.
    This page performed well in the International Monarchist League's webpoll.
    In both English and Portugese.
    PortugalReal Associacao de Lisboa, Portugal. (In Portugese).
    Bourbons of, "the site dedicated to the Capetian dynasty and, in particular, the history and the current events of the Bourbons."
    Hosts Bourbon Magazine and the Association Royal@NET.
    This French site is also available in English and Spanish
    ADNFEAssociation de Défense de la Noblesse Française et Etrangère - Association for the Defence of the Nobility in France and Abroad.
    The site is French throughout, however this group is reaching out to royalists around the world, and has representatives in several countries.
    Objectif: défendre et soutenir les noblesses, les monarchies internationales et les ordres de chevalerie
    Objective: to defend and support the International Nobilities, Monarchies and the Orders of Chivalry.
    Windsor StreetWindsor Street is an independent monarchist site dedicated to the House of Windsor.
    Contains biographies, news reports and that sort of thing.
    MonarchistMonarchists - a series of comprehensive link pages connected with
    Unfortunately rarely updated.
    The Iturbide Circle (Mexico)The Iturbide Circle is an independent (Geocities) genealogical website about Emperor Agustin Iturbide, the first Emperor of independent Mexico, and his family and heirs.
    In particular, see the page on the Iturbide Royal Family.
    Iraq - CMMThe Constitutional Monarchy Movement (Iraq)
    (In both English and Arabic).
    A number of articles relating to potential restorations in Iraq can be obtained from our Iraq Links Page - look for the monarchy logo monarchy logo.
    Saudi RoyalsA commercial webpage about the Saudi Royal Family
    QatarQatar's Ruling Family.
    VietnamVietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League. An active, monarchy-in-exile support page.
    ThailandEscati's Thai Royal Family Webpage
    This page is dedicated to the longest reigning monarch in the world, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who enjoys the adulation of his people.
    Japanese Royal FamilyThe Japanese Royal Family
    General Sites of Interest
    The Monarchist League (International)The International Monarchist League homepage, parent organisation to all the other Monarchist Leagues around the world.
    (This is on the page, which also hosts The Constitutional Monarchy Association (Britain)).
    Robert Warholm's Royals SiteRobert Warholm's webpage contains comprehensive historical and contemporary information on many reigning European royal families, with biographies of past monarchs, information on nobility, and Frequently Asked Questions in each category (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Hellenes and so on).
    There is further information on many non-European monarchies.
    The site also has a large link page and several message boards.
    In English throughout.
    The World of RoyaltyThe World of Royalty ( has dozens of pages of information and links relating to Royalty around the world.
    In addition, the page keeps readers up-to-date with links to royalty-related news stories.
    Monarchies of EuropeThe Monarchies of Europe page contains detailed information on members of forty-six European royal families, organised according to a numbering system invented by the webmaster. There are also numerous other articles and sources of information on the site.
    Mandy's British Royalty"Bringing you the best of the British Monarchy"
    Mandy's British Royalty provides information on the House of Windsor: biographies, residences, ceremonies, royal crown jewels, photographs, royal honours, interviews, commentary, links and more.
    Mandy also hosts Mandy's British Royalty Club (Yahoo! Group).
    Prince Charles OnlineA site dedicated to HRH Prince Charles. While Charles is presented as a failure by the media (which then claim that he is not loved by the public), HRH deserves considerable respect for his great public work. This page is well needed at a time when our (probable) future King is subjected to considerable public criticism.
    This page is hosted by Team Highgrove, which is also connected to Royal Watch.
    Theodore's Royalty and Monarchy SiteTheodore Harvey's monarchy and royalty web site contains regularly updated links to news stories, articles, essays and an expansive list of monarchist organisation web pages.
    Brigitte's European Royalty and Nobility PagesThis page is huge.
    Includes birth, death and marriage notices of German nobility (covers 1999-2000), the webmaster's own extensive photo album of European royal families, artwork, hundreds of links to related pages, a daunting amount of geneology, and so on and so on.
    The site is part of the World Roots Genealogical Foundation.
    Brigitte, the webmaster, is a Bavarian-born American citizen.
    Henri van Oene's Royal Genealogies Page Henri van Oene's page contains information on royals, with dozens of links to other related webpages.
    This site is comprised of Genealogies of European Royal Families and Royal Families in Europe, with information on both reigning and non-reigning European royal families.
    The page is regularly updated.
    Almanach de BruxellesThe Almanach de Bruxelles claims to be the only place on the Internet where information on all the non-European monarchies can be found centralised in one place ("over 700 countries and sub-countries").
    Female heads of royal familiesA page of short biographies of reigning female monarchs and regents.
    Hosted by Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership.
    Also contains pages such as female heads of former sovereign families.
    Royal PortailSite référencé par Royal Portail.
    Many, many great links to monarchist sites.
    Royal Portail itself is mainly in French.
    CRClinks"Counterrevolutionary Links, Catholic, Royal and Communitarian."
    An independent (Tripod sponsored) webpage which is dedicated to the restoration of the Bourbons.
    As the site says: I am the sworn liegeman of His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XX, King of France and Navarre and am convinced that his Restoration will be the beginning of the total defeat of the Revolution.
    Monarchia Der Zukunft'Monarchy the Future' - a Yahoo! discussion group for monarchists based in both Australia and Germany, run by Harold Schmautz, the former Chairman of Tradition und Leben.
    The discussion takes place in English, German and French.
    Royal ForumOn this forum, there are specific discussion groups for most of the well known or prominent royals (such as a forum for Crown Prince Frederick and Mary the Crown Princess of Denmark, as well as general discussion groups.
    Catholic Monarchist Forum"The place to discuss the Church and the role of the Catholic Monarchy..."
    Chivalric OrdersSystematically lays out chivalric families and history. Contains information on royalty and nobility.
    Chivalric Traditions"Chivalry Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"
    Promotes the noble values of chivalry.
    Association of Members of Chivalric Orders and MeritThis is "An Association to Unite All those Who Believe in the Knightly Ideal."
    Differing forms of membership are available to all people - including those with or without membership of a chivalric order.
    Lithuanian NobilityRoyal Association of Lithuanian Nobility. Also available in Lithuanian.
    Mirror site on a different server.
    Confederation of the Polish NobilityThe Confederation of the Polish Nobility is based in Poland. (Site in English)
    Polish Nobility Association FoundationThe Polish Nobility Association Foundation is based in Maryland, USA.
    Monarchy in Australia
    Monarchist League in AustraliaThe home page of the Australian branch of the Monarchist League.
    Australians for Constitutional MonarchyAustralians for Constitutional Monarchy (No-Republic) homepage.
    Australian Monarchist AllianceThe Australian Monarchist Alliance is a newly founded Australian organisation seeking to promote the values of monarchy and to pursue restorations of unseated monarchies.
    The Monarchist Alliance also has a Yahoo! discussion group
    Queenslanders for Constitutional MonarchyQueenslanders for Constitutional Monarchy contains a large number of links to Monarchist webpages around Australia and the rest of the world.
    Australian Republic Unplugged"The Australian Republic Unplugged"
    Keep the Queen of Australia!Keep the Queen of Australia (KTQOA) is an Australian Geocities webpage dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia.
    Queen of AustraliaA site about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, created after the 1999 referendum victory, to celebrate and to inform.
    CIISCharles II SocietyThe Charles II Society (La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia) is a Conservative, Monarchist organisation.
    Sovereignty of the PeopleContents and excerpts of the book "Sovereignty of the People" by Nigel Greenwood, along with other documents relating to Constitutional Monarchy.
    Dr ShielDr Shiel's information on Constitutional Monarchy for 1999 Referendum.
    This page contains many essays, letters to the editor, and so on, relevant to the ill-conceived and ill-fated 1999 Referendum to change Australia to a Republic.
    Monarchy in North America
    United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada"uniting ... the descendants of those families who, during the American Revolutionary War, sacrificed all to retain their loyalty to the British Crown."
    (Canadian Government)A Canadian Government page acknowledging the sovereignty of Queen Elizabeth II.
    Canadian Monarchist OnlineCanadian Monarchist Online is a Canadian Monarchist publication
    The Constantian SocietyThe Constantian Society is an American society dedicated to the principle of monarchy.
    Maryland Loyalism and the American RevolutionA loyalist organisation based in Maryland, USA.

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