Eastern European Media Sources

This is a list of selected media sources from the regions commonly grouped together as the former Soviet Bloc eastern europe.

The list was compiled because of the potentially fragile nature of the freedom of the press in newly emergent democracies in the regions concerned. To provide more annotated links to media sources from this region, please e-mail admin@pwhce.org


General Eastern and Central European News
Central Europe ReviewNews and articles on Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Middle Europe (ie, includes Austria and Germany).IndependentEnglish
News from the East - The Former Soviet Socialist Republics
Russian News
NTVNTV - National television station. Was only nation-wide television station independent of government until taken over by Gazprom.Formerly Media-Most
Now Gazprom (govt)
ItogiItogi - Formerly Media-Most, taken over by Gazprom and staff sacked. Note: Some previous Itogi team members have set up "Real Itogi" (see below).Formerly Sem Dnei (Media-Most)
Now Gazprom (govt).
Real ItogiRebel online continuation of Itogi, hosted on lentra.ru's website.Formerly Media-Most
Now Lentra.
lentra.ruLentra - not to be confused with lenta.ru.Lentra.ruRussian
lenta (Russian)/Allnews (English)lenta.ru is not to be confused with lentra.ru.Media-MostRussian, English
Media-MostMedia division of Gusinsky's company, now largely dismembered by Russian government agencies.MostRussian
GazetaGazeta?Russian, English
Net MediaNetMedia.ru is an independent Russian media site.IndependentEnglish
StranaA media site/company. Various TV station, radio station and newspaper pages are also hosted on the strana site and share its domain.Strana (?)Russian, English
TV RTRTV station on the Strana site.Strana (?)Russian, English
TV "Kultura"TV station on the Strana site.Strana (?)Russian, English
Radio RossiiRadio Russia (Rossii).Strana (?)Russian, English
Mayak RadioRadio Station on the Strana site.Strana (?)Russian, English
St Petersberg TRC?Strana (?)Russian, English
Vesti RTR"Vesti" RTR - connected to StranaStrana?Russian
SredaRussian online media journal. Site hosted by internews.ruIndependentEnglish?
The Moscow TimesThe Moscow Times newspaper online. High standard of journalistic integrity.IndependentEnglish
Public Examination of Media FreedomsA web project to examine/measure the level of Media freedom in different countriesIndependentEnglish (Russian Available(?))
Sovietskaya RossiyaRussian Soviet-Era publication still publishing online as rednews.ruRussian
TheMoscowTimes FeaturePostmortem/Feature on the Gazprom-MediaMost affair.IndependentEnglish
The Ukraine
Ukraine WeeklyThe Ukraine Weekly is an emigre publication originally established in 1933 to publicise the Ukrainian famine precipitated by the policies of Iosif Stalin. Its sister publication Svoboda (Freedom) was founded in 1893 but also established an english language translation in response to the famine.IndependentEnglish
Kuraev.ruUkrainian emigre page.IndependentUkrainian
Belarusian Association of JournalistsThe Belarusian Association of Journalists - News related to the press in BelarusiaIndependentBelarusian
Belarusian PEN CentreThe Belarusian branch of the International PEN, a writers' group.
English Belarusian Russian
Belarusian Chronicle"News From/About Belarus".
This webpage seems to have ceased publication on the 19th March 1999, and now stands as if frozen on that date.
An interesting feature is the document Charter'97, based on Czechoslovakia's Charter 77.

The Baltic States (no sites)
News from Central Europe
Note: Central Europe Review is accessible in the general section.
Poland (no sites)
Czech Republic
Radio PragueRadio Prague contains live broadcasts, articles, news, audio on demand, columns, czech history, travel information and much more, in six languages:
Czech English German Russian French and Spanish.
Czech English German Russian French Spanish
Jan CulikWebpage of Czech media critic Jan Culik. IndependentCzech and English
Slovakia (no sites)
Hungary (no sites)
The Balkans/Southeast Europe
Southeast European TimesSoutheast European Times creports on regional politics and other news daily (except Saturdays), in a very wide range of languages.
A wide range of resources (maps, country info, who's who, etc) is also available from the page (you may need to scroll right).
English, Shqip (Albanian), Bulgarian, Hrvatski (Croatian), Greek, Macedonian, Romanian, Srpski (Serbian - both Latin and Cyrillic), Turkish.
Slovenian News (no sites)
Croatian News (no sites)
Bosnian News (no sites)
Serbian News
Radio B92This radio station-cum-website became famous by continuing to broadcast independent news content under the Milosevic regime.IndependentEnglish and Serbian
Vojvodina NewsA news outlet from the Serbian province of Vojvodina.
The webpage appears only in Serbo-croatian, in Latin script.
Romanian News (no sites)
Albanian News
Albanian Daily NewsAlbanian Daily News appears in both Albanian (Shqip) and English.Albanian (Shqip), English
Macedonian News (no sites)
The Monitor/Zone 168Zona 168 (Zone 168) is part of the Monitor Press Agency.
It is a daily news source appearing only in Bulgarian.
Focus NewsFocus is also only in Bulgarian.
PWHCE found it advertised on Zone 168 (above).

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