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Rules concerning corpses of executed criminals
People's Republic of China, 1984.

For some time now, the Communist Government of mainland China has been harvesting kidneys from prisoners and selling them to foreigners. This system is operated by the People's Liberation Army.

Given the attention to China's 'human rights record', particularly in light of their securing of the 2008 Olympics and accession into various trading bodies with the west, the practice of selecting prisoners for execution based on the monetary value of their internal organs to foreigners is certainly something of which we should be aware.

This document was sourced from Social Action July 1998/Issue 185; pp10-11.

The use of the corpses or organs of executed criminals must be kept strictly secret, and attention must be paid to avoiding negative repercussions... A surgical vehicle from the health department may be permitted to drive onto the execution grounds to remove the organs, but it is not permitted to use a vehicle bearing health department insignia or to wear white clothing. Guards must remain posted around the execution grounds while the operation for organ removals is going on.

In Han regions the organs of executed criminals of minority nationality shall in principle not be used. In regions where there is a concentration of minority nationalities, the funerary customs of minority nationalities should be respected when implementing these rules.

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