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Talk: A Life in the Foreign Service

Dear PWHCE reader in Melbourne Australia,

You are cordially invited to a talk to be given by Mr. NoŽl St Clair Deschamps, entitled, "A Life in the Foreign Service." Mr. Deschamps worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs from its inception in 1937 until his retirement in 1973. During this time, Mr. Deschamps observed some of the key events of the twentieth century at close range, being posted in Moscow during Stalin's rule (as Charge d'Affaires 1946-47) in Germany (Head, Military Mission, Berlin, Bonn, 1949-52), Cairo and London during the Suez Crisis (1956), Cambodia during the Vietnam War (Ambassador 1962-69) and Chile when Allende fell from power (Ambassador 1969-73). Mr. Deschamps was also posted in Canada, New Caledonia, France, Ireland and South Africa.

Mr Deschamps' talk will be held :-
    at 6:30pm, on Wednesday 25th February 2004
    at Bell's Hotel and Brewery
      (Corner of Coventry Street)
      Melway ref:- 2K E1
The hotel management would be appreciative if guests availed themselves of the opportunity to purchase a meal and/or drinks at the bar between 6:30 pm and 7:00pm. The talk will commence at 7:30 PM in the upstairs function room.

Mr. Deschamps' talk provides an excellent opportunity to hear a first person account of the most discussed events of the twentieth century, from the rise of Nazism in Weimar Germany (Mr. Deschamps spent 1931-32 in Weimar and Bavaria), onwards. As always, there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the speaker at the end of the talk.

RSVP:- 20th February 2004.

Contact:-David Bennett(61 3) 9898 3629
Jim Hewat(61 3) 9306 4318
or e-mail Trevor:
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