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For the purposes of this category, "Eastern Europe" includes all parts of Europe which were part of the Soviet Bloc, taking in the Balkans (not including Greece), Central Europe and the Baltic States, along with Eastern Europe proper (Byelorussia, the Ukraine and Moldova) and Russia.
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This brief glossary of Russian word parts has been compiled as a basic starting vocabulary in Russian (or Eastern European) political vocabulary - these are words which commonly crop in names of organisations, and so on. For example, using the table, it can easily be determined that Narodnaya Volya means People's Will.

Some of these words crop up surprisingly frequently in Russian political history.

Brief guide to Russian/Slavic words or word parts:
Note: this table has been compiled as a rough guide; I do not speak Russian.
bolshevikmajority (Social Democrat faction) narodnynational/people's
boyarnoble (of ancient clan) novi, Novayanew
dumathought, idea, council. Russian Parliament. Okhranatsarist secret police
dvorianelanded nobility perestroikarestructuring
glasnost'literally 'voice-ness' commonly translated as 'openness'. pravdatruth (Soviet paper)
iand rabochiworker
iskraspark (name of menshevik paper) sovietcommittee
izvestiyainformation, news, tidings soyuzunion
kamerabox (Operational and Technical Directorate) svobodafreedom
menshevikminority (social democrat faction) tovarishchcomrade
mirpeace/World vpreposition: to, for, on, at.
muzhikpeasant volyawill
narodnation/people zemlyaland

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