Selected Correspondence

This page covers both mail received by Perspectives on World History and Current Events (PWHCE), and unpublished letters to the editor sent by PWHCE and associates. Older mail will be periodically removed from the page.

Links to correspondence.
  • Poland and the 2004 US Presidential Election, article by correspondence from Jaroslaw Suplacz.
  • Iraq now front line in war on terror - article sent to The Australian in response to ALP candidate Dr Ivan Molloy's article "PM Feeds the Terrorists". The article was published in edited form as a letter to the editor.
  • Open Letter to the Misguided Muslims by S A Rehman, peace activist.
  • Henrik Stromberg responds to our Coalition of the Willing page, providing information about countries that opposed the war in Iraq.
  • Correspondence relating to ebolapox and veepox, and their potential use as bioterror agents. A response to PWHCE's article on bioterrorism.
  • The Letter the Economist Wouldn't Publish. A letter to The Economist reminding the publication of its stance on the British Constitution.
  • Why We Fought in Vietnam Letter sent to The Age, Melbourne, 31st August, 2002. (From Asia Pacific Report director Frank Mount).
    Recent Correspondence:

    From: Mike Beetham
    Subject: You're doing a good job

    Iíve recently seen three videos of poor sods being beheaded by those barbaric thugs in Iraq. Thirty year old men, armed to the teeth and murdering unarmed old men like they would a goat. They are a disgrace to the human race and as far as Iím concerned the coalition are doing the right thing. I wish they would show the full videos on the nightly news, it would shut up all these people who say "our troops are criminals and all the Arabs want is to be left in peace". They should see what we are up against and just how peaceful the struggle for power would be if our troops left Iraq.

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