This document contains the bibliographical details of most sources referenced by Perspectives on World History and Current Events.
Some of the pages on PWHCE utilise the short codes listed in the left column on this page.

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(Documents of Revolution series).
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WIK01Quintan Wiktorowicz, The Management of Islamic Activism: Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood and State Power in Jordan, SUNY series in Middle East Studies, State University of New York Press, Albany New York, 2001.
NB: The code date is the copyright date for the given edition; where later printings of the same edition are used, that date is given in the reference notes.
Periodical references on PWHCE use the format V(volume)#(number), for example IA V47#4 means International Affairs Volume 47, Issue 4.
CodeTitlePlace of
ASAsian SurveyEnglish
APAussen Politik
(Foreign Politics)
DSDer SpiegelGermanyGerman
ECThe EconomistLondonEnglish
FAForeign AffairsUSAEnglish
FPForeign PolicyUSAEnglish
GUThe Guardian/
Guardian Unlimited
Great BritainEnglish
CodeTitlePlace of
IAInternational AffairsMoscowRussian, English, French
MQMiddle East QuarterlyUSA/
MTThe Moscow TimesUSA/MoscowEnglish
NIThe National InterestNew YorkEnglish
NWNews WeeklyMelbourneEnglish
SASocial ActionMelbourneEnglish
SSSoviet StudiesEnglish
TATime AsiaHong Kong/
TOTransitions OnlineCzech/onlineEnglish

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