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Asia Pacific Report are reproduced exclusively on the Perspectives on World History and Current Events web page. However, these excerpts are subject to a significant embargo period and typically constitute less than half the material delivered to Asia Pacific Report. Private briefings and other services are available to subscribers.

ASIA PACIFIC REPORT is already well established as a respected and at times highly confidential reporter on developments in this important part of the world. It has been very well received in high corporate, political and government offices around Australia and the world. Its sources throughout the region are exemplary and sometimes secret. Its reports on the unfolding Indonesian saga, in particular, have been unsurpassed because of its unsurpassed sources. But its sources throughout the rest of Asia are just as impressive - in government, corporate, military and socio-cultural-religious and other circles.

A year's subscription will bring you a minimum of 10-12 reports, depending on developments in the world. The more we can deliver to you, and do for you, the better - for that is our aim. A year's subscription costs $A200 Plus $A20 GST - that's only about $A20 a report.

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